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The Other Side Of Midnight Limited Vinyl LP

by Jonny Polonsky

Release Date: 03 June 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Jonny Polonsky The Other Side Of Midnight Limited Vinyl LP

"The Other Side of Midnight" the first record since "Hi My Name Is Jonny" where Jonny all the instruments and produced and recorded everything himself. Dean Hurley mixed it at David Lynch's recording studio, Asymmetrical Studios. Jonny describes this record as having a dark, watery, night time feel to it and having Lynch mojo in the air added even more of a vibe to it. Jonny has been a member of Puscifer, Big Noise (Rage Against the Machine side project) and has recorded on records by Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Pete Yorn, Tom Morello, Mason Jennings, Minnie Driver, and Donovan. Jonny recorded self-released cassettes as a teenager which Marc Ribot used to turn John Zorn on to Polonsky's music. Zorn invited Jonny to play his New Jewish Music festival 1992 at CBGB's Gallery with a band consisting of Marc Ribot on guitar, Sebastian Steinberg of Soul Coughing on bass and Sim Cain of Rollins Band on drums (Cain was also in an early version of Ween). A year later Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure) introduced Polonsky to Frank Black who became an immediate fan and produced a demo which led to Rick Rubin singing him to American Recordings. This led to Polonsky and his live band touring with Frank Black and with Lollapalooza in 1996 (the last good year) on the much revered side stage with Melvins, Cornershop, Girls vs Boys, Ben Folds Five, Sponge, and Soul Coughing. -ATM

Featured Tracks:
1. Chip Away the Stone
2. Lay Down Your Arms
3. Sunset Night
4. Waiting for Something
5. The Motherlode
6. Forever's End
7. We Could Last Here Long
8. Going Home