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The Music City Sessions 3-In-1 Value Pack Limited Vinyl 3LP Set


Release Date: 28 August 2015

Format: LP Triple Vinyl



THE MUSIC CITY SESSIONS The Music City Sessions 3-In-1 Value Pack Limited Vinyl 3LP Set

Omnivore Recordings went back to the early í70s and mined the Bay Area soul for tracks from the Music City label. Working with producer Alec Palao, the team constructed vinyl-only releases to celebrate the funk - The Music City Sessions, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Omnivore is proud to offer these three titles in an exclusive bundle, or Value Pack. The Music City Sessions, Volume 1: Richmond Experience features mostly previously unissued material, focusing on the harder funk edge of Richmond, CA. Volume 2: Super Strut keeps things cooking with more unissued tracks and hard-to-find singles. Volume 3: Super Strut includes tracks from The Two Things In One, as well as Darondo, who was (re)introduced to the world via Breaking Bad. These three titles are the original issues, on vinyl and all include a download card. This is a chance for fans to get up and get down at an unprecedented savings. Crate diggers have scoured the depths for this music. With the addition of unissued material, itís even more appealing. Head to Music City and feel the funk.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Just a Man - Chucky Thurmon & Pharris Wheel
2. Giant Hamburger (Part Two) - Victor Green
3. Freedom Train - Kevin Burton & Peace
4. TP Paper - The Soul Sensations
5. Get Down - Unknown Artist
6. Gumbo - Victor Green
7. Check Me Out - Little Denice
8. Wouldn't It Be a Shame - The Soul Messengers
9. Havin' Fun - Unknown Artist
10. Richmond Experience - Kevin Burton & Peace

Disc: 2
1. Super Strut - Cookin Bag
2. House Rocker - Love Uprisers
3. Backyard - Houston Outlaws
4. Bumpin' On Sunset/We Got More Soul - Charles 'Doc' Williams
5. Drifting - Chucky Thurmon & Pharris Wheel
6. I Just Got to Be Loving You - Houston Outlaws
7. City Country City - Cookin' Bag
8. Let's Get It Together (Early Version) - The Two Things In One
9. Victor's Theme - Victor Green
10. Is It Right - Kevin Burton & Peace

Disc: 3
1. Girl I'd Like to See You - William Bostic
2. Farewell, Goodbye My Love - The Performers
3. Disco Man - Unknown Artist
4. A Man That Is Not Free - The Soul Sensations
5. You Could Have Tried - Karen Sanders Group
6. Silly Song (Early Version) - The Two Things In One
7. Gimme Some (Version 1) - Darondo
8. Time Flies - Benida Madison
9. Children Need Our Love - The New Generation
10. Loving You Isn't Enough - The Ballads
11. Girl I Tried - The Performers