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The M & M Mixes Limited Vinyl 3LP Set

by Va - John Morales

Release Date: 26 May 2014

Format: LP Triple Vinyl

Label: BBE


Va - John Morales The M & M Mixes Limited Vinyl 3LP Set

This compilation came about by chance really. Dimitri from Paris was putting together another BBE best seller – Nightdubbin’, the focus of which was the innovative dub remixing techniques of pioneering wizards from the 1980’s. John Morales is one of these legends. The more we turned to John for masters of mixes from his vast archive, the more it became inevitable that his story needed to be told. Few can match John Morales contribution to the world of the enthusiast turned remixer come producer. Although familiar with John’s work – his epic mix of Universal Robot Bands boogie anthem is the source from which BBE Records got its name – no attempt had been made to summarise the pinnacle of Johns work.

This release is a history lesson in dance music.

He formed with the late Sergio Munzibai M+M productions whose output of over 650 mixes will be unmatched by many celebrity big name remixers of today. From the Rolling Stones to Gloria Estefan, The Temptations to Hall and Oates, Aretha Franklin to BBE – we have all been moulded by Johns everlasting influence.

This is the legacy of the M+M mixes.

John Morales was responsible for the club versions of some of the biggest records of the 80’s – From Axel F, Rhythm of the Night to Dr Beat. In addition he lent his talents to acts such as The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, The Commodores and Rose Royce and 80’s sensations like Debbie Gibson and Billy Ocean.

All the remixes featured on this compilation are never before released versions of some of his most influential works with the most credible dance artists of the 80’s. This is the first ever compilation of his works. This is a must have compilation for all 80’s boogie disco fans as this release contains the definitive versions of well known club classics.

Featured Tracks:
A1 Inner Life - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough [JM Extended 4AM Mix],
B1 Julia and Company - Breakin' Down (Sugar Samba) [JM Extended After-Session M&M Mix],
B2 Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even [Demo Version],
C1 Tony Adderly - I Ain't Mad At You [JM Extended After-Session M&M Mix],
D1 La-Rita Gaskin - Never Can Say Goodbye [Demo Version],
D2 Margie Joseph - Move To The Groove [JM After-Session M&M Mix],
E1 Class Action - Weekend [JM After-Session M&M Mix],
E2 Instant Funk - No Stoppin' That Rockin' [JM After-Session M&M Mix],
F1 Universal Robot Band - Wanna Be Your Lover [Full Length Demo Version].

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