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The Blues, The Whole Blues And Nothing But The Blues Limited Vinyl LP

by David Bromberg Band

Release Date: 21 October 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Red House Records


David Bromberg Band The Blues, The Whole Blues And Nothing But The Blues Limited Vinyl LP

David Bromberg, Godfather of Americana, musician’s musician, decorated multi-instrumentalist, and acclaimed
singer-songwriter, hits a milestone with his debut Red House Records release The Blues, The Whole Blues and
Nothing But The Blues. Produced by three-time Grammy winner Larry Campbell, it’s a wonderfully curated
selection of deep cuts from the blues genre, in addition to luminous originals and traditional material given the
Bromberg treatment. David found his inspiration for the album when he heard Willie Nelson repeat a quote
from Texas fiddler Johnny Gimble: “There’s only two kinds of music - the Star-Spangled Banner and the Blues.”
Propelled by Bromberg’s unparalleled playing and gift for interpretation, a crack band and Campbell’s tasteful
horn arrangements, the album takes us to electrifying heights as well as intimate acoustic moments on his
arrangements of songs by Robert Johnson, Bobby Charles, George “Little Hat” Jones, Ray Charles, and Sonny
Boy Williamson and others. David puts his unmistakable stamp on these chestnuts, then digs deep into the
historical archives for such mysterious musical nuggets as “How Come My Dog Don’t Bark When You Come
‘Round?” and “900 Miles,” an old country song imagined as if Howling’ Wolf were to play it. Bromberg may be
singing the blues, but this is anything but a downer as he proves that he’s still as entertaining, brilliant and
witty as when his career began in 1971.
NOTE ON VINYL LP: Due to format time limitation, the LP version excludes songs “Delia,” “This Month” and
“You Don’t Have To Go,” however, these tracks are included in the digital version accessed with included
download code card.

Featured Tracks:
1. Walkin’ Blues '
2. How Come My dog Don’t Bark WHen You Come ‘Round '
3. Kentucky Blues '
4. Why Are People Like That?
5. A Fool For You '
6. Eyesight to the Blind '
7. 900 Miles '
8. Yield Not to Temptation '
9. You’ve Been a Good Ole Wagon
10. Delia** '
11. The Blues, The Whole Blues, and Nothing But the Blues '
12. This Month** '
13. You Don’t Have to Go**
**Indicates tracks not included on LP, but available on the included download card