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The Black Limited Opaque Black Vinyl 2LP Set


Release Date: 17 June 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl



ASKING ALEXANDRIA The Black Limited Opaque Black Vinyl 2LP Set

Two vinyl variants for the new Asking Alexandria album the first is transparent blue vinyl and is exclusive to the UK. The opaque black vinyl version is exclusive to the UK, Germany and Australia.

Featured Tracks:
Disc 1
Side 1
1. Let It Sleep
2. The Black
3. I Won't Give In
Side 2
1. Sometimes It Ends
2. The Lost Souls
3. Just A Slave To Rock n' Roll

Disc 2
Side 1
1. Send Me Home
2. We'll Be OK
3. Here I Am
Side 2
1. Gone Asking Alexandria
2. Undivided Asking Alexandria
3. Circled By The Wolves Asking Alexandria

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