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The Bastards Limited Transparent Red Vinyl 2LP Set

by Palaye Royale

Release Date: 10 July 2020

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Sumerian Records


Palaye Royale The Bastards Limited Transparent Red Vinyl 2LP Set


Rightfully christened as both “The Hottest Band of 2018” and simply “the” group of the year, by the English music press, Canadian fashion-rock trio PALAYE ROYALE is a shot of adrenaline into the modern musical landscape. Summoning a thrilling spirit, with throwback sonic crunch, visual flair, and reckless live performances, PALAYE ROYALE has quickly earned a legion of obsessive cult-like loyalists, lovingly dubbed Soldiers of the Royal Council.

Each member of PALAYE ROYALE doubles as musician and visionary. The Pirate, The Vampire, and The Gentleman inspire a level of devotion reserved for My Chemical Romance or Twenty One Pilots, as their deep fan connection crosses genre-divides.

It’s fast-paced dirty rock n’ roll. It’s glam and grime, spectacle and sweat, showmanship and songwriting. Rock Sound’s in-depth cover story, drawn from an intense 72-hours with the brothers, called PALAYE ROYALE “Rock’s Next Superstars,” predicting they “might just change it all.”

Even as 2016’s Boom Boom Room (Side A) and 2018’s Boom Boom Room (Side B) document the story thus far, PALAYE ROYALE remain focused on the bigger picture. They’ve built something grander than a band. It’s an artistic movement. Ever self- assured in their ambition and staunch in their support of individuality, PALAYE ROYALE are “outfitting the revolution” (as they like to say).

Featured Tracks:

Side 1:

1. Little Bastards
2. Massacre, The New American Dream
3. Anxiety
4. Tonight Is The Night I Die

Side 2:

1. Lonely
2. Hang On To Yourself
3. Fucking With My Head
4. Nervous Breakdown

Side 3:

1. Nightmares
2. Masochist
3. Doom (Empty)
4. Black Sheep

Side 4:

1. Stay
2. Redeemer
3. Lord Of Lies (Bonus Track)

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