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Ten Limited Vinyl LP

by Northern Lite

Release Date: 09 March 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: UNA Music


Northern Lite Ten Limited Vinyl LP

Electronic pop/rock band from Erfurt, Germany, are back with their 10th studioalbum!

Did you see this roadmovie? Everything in it. Big love, a bit gunfire, more dust, less sun, these men with cigars in the mouth. The shoes are no longer shiny, the faces are dirty but interesting and the eyes are glowing in the dark. And in every sequence you hear these fast running baseline, the unique guitars and the voice you already recognized somewhere before. It’s becoming quicker and you find yourself drumming with your fingers and banging your head while listening. You know this sound - Northern Lite is back.

With “TEN“ they gave their album a simple name, a simple meaning. So many years, so many different musical experiments. But on this road trip you recognize: Whatever they do, wherever they take you - it is a hell of a ride and it’s only going forward. Tracks like “Peace of Mind“ or “Feel Like Dancing“ catch you really from the beginning. The wheels are already hot, the fumes creeping slowly through the window. Too hot inside to close it now. Like in “Johnny“ the electronic vibes are coming directly and soft, to loose shape and melt down with voices and claps. “Feels So Good“ is lighting up the pictures with a beautiful girls chorus and “Brand New Day“ gives you the safety, that this will not be the last trip together. Where are you? In the movie? On the street? It doesn’t matter, it is ten to TEN.

Featured Tracks:
1. Brand New Day
2. Feels So Good
3. Johnny
4. Feel Like Dancing
5. Peace of Mind
6. Take My Time
7. Paper Aeroplane
8. You Know Me
9. Ey Pretty
10. Into the Fire