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Temple Limited Vinyl LP

by Matthew And The Atlas

Release Date: 22 April 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Communion


Matthew And The Atlas Temple Limited Vinyl LP

Matthew Hegarty (aka Matthew And The Atlas) is a British songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and was the first artist to be signed to the Communion label (it was, in fact, pretty much so that they could release Hegarty’s music that Communion was born as a label in the first place.) After the dreamy and textured Americana of his To The North and Kingdom of Your Own EPs had built him a cult global following, Hegarty released the debut album Other Rivers in April 2014, prompting Q to posit him as “the British Bon Iver”. A sumptuous release, Hegarty’s new album, Temple, is the kind of record that it’s impossible not to sink yourself into. Bringing together the naked emotion of Sufjan Stevens with a dramatic rolling melancholy, it is a truly cathartic expression of its writer’s own fears and feelings, bound together by a universality of emotion and honesty that makes it bracingly easy to connect to.

Featured Tracks:
1. Graveyard Parade
2. On A Midnight Street
3. Temple
4. Elijah
5. Modern World
6. Old Master
7. Mirrors
8. Can't You See
9. Gutter Heart
10. Glacier
11. When The Light Hits The Water