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Symbolic Use Of Light Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP


Release Date: 16 June 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Technicolour


UMFANG Symbolic Use Of Light Limited 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl LP

UMFANG makes her debut on Ninja Tune's Technicolour imprint with "Symbolic Use Of Light". Previously sharing her analogue-based rhythmic excursions via videogame music, 1080p, Phinery and Allergy Season, the New Yorker is a co-founder of Brooklyn's colossal Disc woman crew and resident at Bossa Nova Civic Club's Techno feminism monthly. She does not like to intellectualise her art, describing her process - recording tracks in live takes - as being rooted in catharsis, release and improvisation rather than any identifiable high-art aim: "I want people to know that it's accessible and that I taught myself and that you can learn too." Still, one can understand why critics seek to ascribe this animus to her work, as she brings a refreshing sonic signature to the form, remarked upon by Actress who recently invited her to record a mix for his co-host radio show with Benji B on BBC Radio 1 / 1Xtra: "It's techno, but she's got these very subtle different ways of starting a track and transitioning from one idea to another - which is exactly what techno is about". That equipment - a couple of Boss DR 202s in the main, but also an x0xb0x and Korg Volca FM synth for the occasional "alien noise" - was the medium to record album tracks in live takes, with minimal post-production "only for quick corrections". Nor was the record made with an album narrative in mind - tracks are a mix of old and new, produced in batches distinct to her frame of mind at the time of recording. "My process is really about sitting down and seeing what happens - it becomes a time-capsule of whatever works from that time period," she explains.

Featured Tracks:
Full 1
Symbolic Use Of Light
Where Is She
Wingless Victory
Full 2