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Swagger Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl LP + Download

by Flogging Molly

Release Date: 10 July 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: SideOneDummy Records


Flogging Molly Swagger Limited Edition Translucent Red Vinyl LP + Download

- Originally released on March 7, 2000
- Limited to 1000 in Europe
- Pressed on Translucent Red Vinyl
- Download card included
- Album has sold over 500k worldwide
The Los Angeles-based post-grunge seven-piece Flogging Molly are an interesting mix of traditional Irish
music and spunky punk rock. Former Fastway acoustic guitarist/frontman and Dublin native Dave King
formed the band with fiddle player Bridget Regan, guitarist Dennis Casey, accordion player (and former
pro skateboarder) Matt Hensley, bassist Nathen Maxwell, drummer George Schwindt, and mandolinist
Bob Schmidt.
Getting their start playing regularly at the L.A. bar Molly Malones, Flogging Molly eventually took their
music to the road; their explosive and passionate live show was the heart of the band, after all, and the
band toured relentlessly around the world throughout their career. Their rowdy folk-rock punk revival sound
has been compared to the likes of other Irish bands such as the Pogues and Black 47, but the raucous
septet opted for its own unique brashness that defied genre lines. Flogging Molly released its debut,
Swagger, in March 2000 on SideOneDummy and followed up two years later with Drunken Lullabies.
Crafting exuberant anthems to raise up a full Guinness to, King often used personal touchstones -- such as
his childhood in a war-torn Ireland, his father's premature death, and an eight-year exile in the United
States -- for the band's compelling lyrical content. Within a Mile of Home appeared in September 2004, and the band continued to hit the road hard in support.

Featured Tracks:
1. Salty Dog
2. Selfish Man
3. The Worst Day Since Yesterday
4. Every Dog Has Its Day
5. Life In A Tenement Square
6. The Ol' Beggar's Bush
7. The Likes of You Again
8. Black Friday Rule
9. Grace Of God Go I
10. Devil's Dance Floor
11. These Exiled Years
12. Sentimental Johnny
13. Far Away Boys
14. Selfish Man

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