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Sun Go Nova Limited Vinyl LP

by Denmark Vessey

Release Date: 11 May 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Mello Music Group


Denmark Vessey Sun Go Nova Limited Vinyl LP

Like most truly original artists, Denmark Vessey defies easy understanding. He's a Detroit rapper and cult rap hero currently living in New York City, named after a brilliant 19th century slave-turned-carpenter who was convicted and executed for planning what would've been the largest slave revolt in North American history. He's funnier than most political rappers, more political than punch line spitters, and too imaginative for regressive underground stereotypes. It's all readily apparent on his latest EP, SunGoNova, a breezy exercise of warped soul and eccentric raps produced entirely by Earl Sweatshirt and Knxwledge. In a few breaths, Denmark has the capacity to come off as street-wise and sarcastic, pop culture fluent but stand-up comic self-deprecating. These are the same qualities that led Rolling Stone to call Martin Lucid Dream one of 2015's best rap albums, while hailing his "sharp sense of humor" and introspection. Pitchfork glowed about how Buy Muy Drugs revealed that in "his own unique way, [Denmark] is pushing us to look beyond the veil and to not take things at face value."

Featured Tracks:
1. Zzzzz (feat. Adad) (prod. Earl Sweatshirt)
2. Trustfall (prod. Earl Sweatshirt)
3. Stolat (prod. Knxwledge)
4. SunGoNova (prod. Knxwledge)
5. Sell Out (feat. DrxQuinnx & Vic Spencer) (prod. Earl Sweatshirt)
6. Sun Rise
7. High Noon