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Summer 08 Limited Vinyl LP + CD

by Metronomy

Release Date: 01 July 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Because


METRONOMY Summer 08 Limited Vinyl LP + CD

Joe Mount hasn't always been the songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist auteur Metronomy fans know and revere him as today. Eight summers ago, he was – in his own words – “25, constantly drunk, single and living in London desperately trying to be cool.” Then a fledging bedroom producer, his second album, Nights Out, was a few months away from release, and life was a restless whirlwind of boozy cab rides from gig to gig, grimy London dive to grimy London dive. “I can't remember a single night in, sat in a nice room, just watching the telly,” he reminisces now. “It was quite manic, remembering it.” Instead of burying that wild-eyed time in his memories, Mount's about to return to it. Summer '08 is his sequel to Nights Out. And it's album he's waited eight years to make.

Featured Tracks:
Side 1
1. Back Together Metronomy
2. Miami Logic Metronomy
3. Old Skool Metronomy
4. 16 Beat Metronomy
5. Hang Me Out To Dry (With Robyn) Metronomy

Side 2
1. Mick Slow Metronomy
2. My House Metronomy
3. Night Owl Metronomy
4. Love’s Not an Obstacle Metronomy
5. Summer Jam Metronomy

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