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Suicide Silence Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

by Suicide Silence

Release Date: 21 April 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast Entertainment


Suicide Silence Self Titled Limited Gatefold Vinyl 2LP Set

Limited Edition, Gatefold, Double Vinyl. On the new self-titled album, Suicide Silence enlisted producer Ross Robinson, who similarly helped summon career-defining albums by Slipknot, Korn, At The Drive-In, Sepultura, Glassjaw, and From First To Last. Joe Barresi, best known for his work with Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Slipknot, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, and Bad Religion, expertly mixed Suicide Silence. The result is a record that's simultaneously raw and intimate, brutal and powerful, from the ripper attack of album opener "Doris," with a jarring sound that puts the listener right inside the room with Robinson and the band, to the haunting melancholy of "Conformity" and the soul searching, epic adventure of "Silence" and "The Zero." Like the historical creative and commercial reemergence of AC/DC or Alice In Chains, Suicide Silence once came roaring back from the kind of tragedy that often ends careers. 2014's You Can't Stop Me served as a simultaneous introduction to new vocalist Eddie Hermida, as well as a celebration of the brotherhood the band shared with his late predecessor, Mitch Lucker. Suicide Silence fans demonstrated their fierce loyalty and unwavering support when album number four emerged, putting it in the Billboard 200's Top 20. The industry followed suit; Sirius XM's Liquid Metal played it more than any other album in 2014. As evidenced most defiantly and definitively with the self-titled fifth album by Suicide Silence, the best in music, literature, and all creative arts is born from pain, birthed in truth, drawn from harrowing life experience. It mines the inner depths of the soul to snatch authentic beauty from the jaws of an otherwise certain death. Plenty of heavy bands pay lip service to the idea of overcoming the odds, persevering through adversity, and finding strength from within, but few live it as triumphantly as Suicide Silence.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Doris
2. Silence
3. Listen
4. Dying In A Red Room

Disc: 2
1. Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down
2. Run
3. The Zero
4. Conformity
5. Don't Be Careful You Might Get Hurt

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