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Stumpjumper Limited Vinyl LP

by Charlie Parr

Release Date: 27 April 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Red House Records


Charlie Parr Stumpjumper Limited Vinyl LP

Legendary CHARLIE PARR makes his label debut on this terrific new recording available on CD and VINYL LP. With his unbridled passionate singing, fiery resonator guitar and banjo work, and powerful songwriting, his shows are unique experiences that have been building audiences across the US, Europe and Australia.
Drawing inspiration from traditional folk blues, old time string band and spirituals, Parrs mostly original songs sound strangely out of timelike authentic fruit plucked from the true vine of American music. Stumpjumper is his first album with a band, a wild hillbilly gathering of string players and percussion and the ideal platform to discover this amazing artist for the first time. Parr is an integral part of the small but vibrant Duluth, Minnesota music scene, that includes Trampled By Turtles, Alan Sparhawk & Low. Now backed by the support of Red House his impact will grow exponentially. Parr will be touring in 2015 widely in the US (some dates with TRAMPLED BY TURTLES), Australia and Europe.

Featured Tracks:
1. Evil Companion
2. Empty Out Your Pockets
3. Falcon
4. Remember Me If I Forget
5. On Marrying a Woman With an Uncontrollable Temper
6. Over the Red Cedar
7. Resurrection
8. Stumpjumper
9. Temperance River Blues
10. Frank Miller Blues
11. Delia