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Stranger Limited Vinyl LP

by Cretin

Release Date: 08 December 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Relapse Records


Cretin Stranger Limited Vinyl LP

California's grindcore/death metal misfits Cretin return with their first new material of freakish, extreme metal in over eight years! A perverted homage to the glory days of proto-grind and raw, depraved death metal, Cretin have perfected the lo-fi stylings of Repulsion, Autopsy and early Napalm Death with their highly anticipated sophomore full-length, Stranger. Oozing with violent, buzz-saw guitars, grinding grooves and blasts, a gut-wrenching low end and utterly deviant vocals/lyrics, Stranger will bring a malignant smile to those who prefer their listening sick and twisted.

Featured Tracks:
1. It
2. Ghost of Teeth and Hair
3. The Beast and the Drowning Bucket
4. Knights of the Rail
5. We Live in a Cave
6. Sandwich for the Attic Angel
7. Stranger
8. Mister Frye, the Janitor Guy
9. Mary Is Coming
10. Honey and Venom
11. Freakery
12. They Buried the Lunchbox
13. Husband?
14. How to Wreck Your Life in Three Days