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Still Life On Fire Limited Vinyl LP

by Mise En Scene

Release Date: 30 June 2017

Format: LP Vinyl



Mise En Scene Still Life On Fire Limited Vinyl LP

Mise en Scene are coiled and ready to leap. The Winnipeg rock outfit, comprised of Stefanie Blondal Johnson, Jodi Dunlop, and Corey Hykawy, are set to release their sophomore album Still Life On Fire (Light Organ Records) this year. The record is a burning holler, a vibrant state-ment on living in the present. In control of everything from their self-made music videos to their cool kid aesthetic, the artists are independent and resilient, wanting to be seen but more im-portantly, to be heard. The album follows 2012ís knockout hit Desireís Despair (Pipe & Hat) and is produced by Montrťal-based mastermind Mike Nash (who has worked with everyone from members of The Dears, Blue Rodeo and Ladies of the Canyon). The sound reflects on years spent honing their craft, touring Canada, the US and Europe, playing the prestigious Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Spain, and amassing hordes of fans in France. From the first re-verb buzz to the parting resonant silence, itís a sun-soaked blur of forward motion, eternal chas-ing.

Itís your life on fire.

Featured Tracks:
Side: 1
1. Intro (Nothing)
2. Closer
3. Light In The Night
4. Guts / Glory
5. I'm OK
6. Waster

Side: 2
1. Still Life On Fire
2. Scout
3. Young Leo
4. True
5. Same Hearts
6. Outro (Everything)