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Stay True Limited Vinyl LP

by Deez Nuts

Release Date: 07 August 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: UNFD


DEEZ NUTS Stay True Limited Vinyl LP

Featured Tracks:
1. Stay True
2. Damn Right
3. Love Hate
4. Fuck What You Think
5. I Hustle Everyday
6. It's Like That, And That's The Way It Is
7. Tonight We're Going To Party...
8. Like There's No Tomorrow
9. Your Mother Should've Swallowed You
10. Move Back
11. Never Grow Up
12. Fuck The World
13. Fight For Your Right
14. In Your Mouth
15. There's a Party Over Here Ain't Shit Over There
16. Rep Your Hood
17. Fair Weather Fans
18. Sex Sells
19. BF & FF

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