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Spiritual Emergency Limited Vinyl LP + MP3 Download

by Guardian Alien

Release Date: 27 January 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Thrill Jockey


Guardian Alien Spiritual Emergency Limited Vinyl LP + MP3 Download

· Guardian Alien are a New York experimental collective led by unparalleled drummer Greg Fox, current member of Zs as well as having previously collaborated with Ben Frost, Colin Stetson, Dustin Wong and Kid Millions. The group also features Bernard Gann (Liturgy) and Alexandra Drewchin.
· ‘Spiritual Emergency’ was recorded by legendary engineer and producer Wharton Tiers (Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca) after a year of touring where the band were fine tuning many of the album tracks.
· The album’s first side consists of a series of radically different improvised vignettes, beginning with the hushed, intricate tabla rhythms and cut-up vocals of ‘Tranquilizer’ before launching into the brief, ecstatic bursts of ‘Mirror’ and the robotic syncopation of ‘Vapor’, finally peaking with the fuzzed-out wall of drone that is ‘Mirage’.
· The sidelong titular composition that resides on the flip begins with a recording of Stanislav Grof reading from his book from which the album takes its name, literature that informs the structure and nature of the music to come. When Fox’s polyrhythmic pounding and Drewchin’s bubbling electrics enter, the piece quickly escalates and never sits still, the quintet revelling in the metaphysical revelation
that results in the ensuing 20 minutes of reflective frenzy. The piece is the most definitive statement of intent the band have released and is a harbinger of the wildly eclectic things to come.

Featured Tracks:
Spiritual Emergency