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Spin Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 18 August 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Black Cement


Tigers Jaw Spin Limited Vinyl LP

After their 2014 album ‘Charmer’ inspired positive comparisons with Fleetwood Mac and Brand New, American indie-rock duo Tigers Jaw will release their new album ‘spin’ in the UK on August 18th.

The album represents the first release from Black Cement Records, a new imprint under Warner Music in the UK and Atlantic Records in the States. The label’s A&R is headed by its ambassador Will Yip who has produced albums for artists including Circa Survive, Code Orange and Title Fight.

‘Spin’ was recorded with Tigers Jaw’s long-term collaborator Will Yip at Studio 4 in Pennsylvania. The album represents the first collection of songs that was completely written and recorded solely by the duo (Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins), and also the first time they had a full month in the studio without having to worry about outside responsibilities.

The result is an album that sounds more fully formed than anything Tigers Jaw have done in the past and simultaneously establishes them as a band whose appeal transcends genres. While Walsh initially encouraged Collins to pursue lead vocals and songwriting with ‘Charmer’, the duo’s collective output on ‘spin’ is a collaboration in the truest sense of a creative partnership.

“In a lot of ways this record is a return to the way the band started in the sense that it was coming from two people working very closely together and I think that resulted in something that was really cohesive,” Walsh explains. “The whole experience felt really organic even if the recording process was different than anything we had done in the past together.”
There isn’t much distinction between Walsh and Collins on ‘spin’ in the sense that they come together to form a cohesive whole — and not only do their styles perfectly complement each other, but at times their vocals are so in sync that it’s difficult to tell where one person’s voice ends and the other’s begins.

From the sweetly syncopated, fuzzed-out bliss of the opener ‘Follows’ to the mid-tempo melodicism of ‘June’ and liltingly lovely ballad ‘Bullet’, ‘spin’ sees Tigers Jaw stretching out sonically. Lyrically, Walsh also tried something new by experimenting with stream-of-consciousness writing to express his ideas in an unfiltered fashion. The album sees Collins taking a shine to writing duties whether she’s writing a love song like ‘Same Stone’ or getting introspective on the dreamy ‘Brass Ring’.

Tigers Jaw head to the UK in August to play the Reading and Leeds Festivals on the 25th and 26th respectively.

Featured Tracks:
Escape Plan
Blurry Vision
Brass Ring
Oh Time
Same Stone
Make It Up

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