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Songs From The Pale Eclipse Limited Vinyl LP

by The Warlocks

Release Date: 23 September 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Cleopatra Records


The Warlocks Songs From The Pale Eclipse Limited Vinyl LP

The mesmerizing new album from L.A.'s premiere psych rock band, The Warlocks, offers some of founder/vocalist Bobby Hecksher's most captivating compositions in years!

Features the hypnotic lead single Lonesome Bulldog, plus the subtly seductive album opener Only You, and a woozy ode to alcohol in Drinking Song!

Lonesome Bulldog made its debut on Spin magazine's website and earned praise for the track's distant,drowning percussion and jangling guitar interludes!

Renowned for their stellar live show, the band will be launching a full-scale 20-date European tour starting September 7 with Stateside dates planned for later this year!

Available in a special reverse-board mini-LP wallet for CD and on vinyl with a reverse-board jacket and printed inner sleeve!

Featured Tracks:
1. Only You
2. Lonesome Bulldog
3. Easy to Forget
4. Dance Alone
5. We Took All The Acid
6. Love Is A Disease
7. Drinking Song
8. Special Today
9. I Warned You
10. The Arp Made Me Cry

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