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Something In The Water Limited Vinyl LP

by Pokey Lafarge

Release Date: 25 May 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



Pokey Lafarge Something In The Water Limited Vinyl LP

The dozen-song set, produced by Jimmy Sutton marks a new landmark in a career that's already filled with musical highlights.The St. Louis-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist draws from a deep well of American musical traditions to create distinctively personal music that's timeless rather than retro, transcending the confines of genre in a manner that reflects the artist's openhearted attitude. Incorporating elements of early jazz, ragtime, country blues, Western swing, and beyond, LaFarge has created a vibrant, deeply expressive body of work that embodies an expansive musical vision and vivid storytelling sensibility that are wholly his own. He's also earned a reputation as a tireless, uniquely charismatic live performer, winning a loyal international fan base that regularly packs his rousing, celebratory live shows. Pokey will be in the UK at the end of May promoting his album.

Featured Tracks:
1. Something in the Water
2. Wanna Be Your Man
3. Underground
4. When Did You Leave Heaven?
5. Cairo, Illinois
6. Actin' a Fool
7. All Night Long
8. Goodbye. Barcelona
9. Far Away
10. The Spark
11. Bad Girl
12. Knocking the Dust Off the Rust Belt Tonight

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