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Somebody’s Child Limited Vinyl LP

by Judith Owen

Release Date: 06 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Twanky Records


Judith Owen Somebody’s Child Limited Vinyl LP

Pianist-singer-songwriter Judith Owen is known for her love of musical variety and melding it into a great stylistic gumbo all her own. 'Somebody's Child' is the culmination of this mix: voice and piano front and centre, songs that are vignettes of life crafted from the perspective that we ARE all “somebody's child” - parental as well as planetary. An album about us. “By nature, I am a diverse musician. It's who I am because of all the music I grew up being exposed to, from opera to Sinatra, Joni to Stevie Wonder, and everything in between,” says Judith.

Whereas 2014's critically-acclaimed 'Ebb & Flow' was personal and very much a love letter to Laurel Canyon, 'Somebody's Child' takes a leap from the confessional to the observational, whilst recruiting the same crème de la crème of Los Angeles session musicians - bassist Leland Sklar, guitarist Waddy Wachtel and drummer Russell Kunkel - and incorporating them with her British-based musicians - master percussionist Pedro Segundo and sublime cellist Gabriella Swallow - to create a fresh new dynamic.

Judith was hailed as releasing one of the albums of 2014 by The Independent, receiving further praise from Le Figaro in France, La Repubblica in Italy, Rolling Stone in Germany and the Wall Street Journal in the US. It also enjoyed sterling support at British radio, particularly from Jamie Cullum, Bob Harris and the late Sir Terry Wogan, stalwarts and tastemakers of the BBC Radio 2 network. All three hosted sessions featuring her and demonstrated her commercial potential and wide-ranging appeal. In addition, 'Ebb and Flow' earned passionate support from Irish RTE Radio 1, Spanish RTNE Radio 3, German ARD Network, and Nordic National Radio and led to several key radio and television appearances on both sides of the Atlantic.

With 'Somebody's Child', and its many moods and shades and a contemporary twist, Judith Owen seems well on her way into the Premier League of contemporary singer-songwriters and interpreters. Which is where she belongs . . .

Featured Tracks:
1. Somebody's Child
2. Send Me a Line
3. Mystery
4. Tell All Your Children
5. We Give In
6. No More Goodbyes
7. Arianne
8. More Than This
9. That's Why I Love My Baby
10. I Know Why the Sun Shines
11. Josephine
12. Aquarius
13. The Rain Is Gonna Fall

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Somebody's Child Limited Vinyl LP
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Format: LP Vinyl
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