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Some Things Last Longer Than You Limited Vinyl LP

by DOE

Release Date: 16 September 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Doe Some Things Last Longer Than You Limited Vinyl LP

Drawing influences from such 90s stalwarts as Sleater- Kinney, Weezer, Helium and Breeders, the London-based trio have spent the last 3 years furiously honing their live craft and releasing a string of EPs and singles. With later releases on labels including Fierce Panda and Alcopop! Records, their earlier self-released recordings were eventually compiled and re-released as the First Four LP in late 2014, marking the beginning of Doe's relationship with US indie rock imprint Old Flame Records. After a lineup change and the addition of Dean Smitten (guitar) in September last year, Doe finally got to work writing material with an album in mind. In March, armed with 10 new songs and bags full of snacks, they ventured to Greenmount Studios in Leeds with producer Matthew Johnson (Hookworms/Suburban Home). The result of that intense 5-day pizza-fueled recording session is the band's first full-length: Some Things Last Longer than You. Having recorded the majority of their previous output themselves and now with 35 minutes to play with, the album marks a recognizable sonic progression for Doe. However, Some Things 133; still comprises all the elements with which current listeners will be familiar. Dueling girl-boy vocals sit atop crunchy intertwining guitars and thundering drums, lyrical themes dart from scathing and contemptuous to thoughtful and introspective and despite the occasional whinge from frustrated bassists, Doe continue to prove with this album they are perfectly fine without one.

Featured Tracks:
1. No. 1
2. Monopoly
3. Sincere
4. Turn Around
5. Respite
6. Anywhere
7. Last Ditch
8. Before Her
9. Corin
10. Something To Tell You