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Sleepyhead Limited Vinyl LP

by Cavetown

Release Date: 27 March 2020

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Warner Records


Cavetown Sleepyhead Limited Vinyl LP


Robin Skinner makes music by himself, in his bedroom, but his songs belong to the world.
The son of a professional flautist and Cambridge University’s director of music, the 20-year-old UK singer/songwriter—who’s performed under the name CAVETOWN since 2013—has musical talent literally embedded in his DNA. But that underlying musical theory is nothing without the emotional underpinnings that take a song from technically proficient to transformatively powerful.
Marrying the two is what makes Cavetown so captivating and resonant with fans. They see themselves in Skinner’s music: tales of love and loss, of yearning to make sense of life and all the feelings that go along with it. For three minutes at a time, listeners feel less alone inside his songs, finding comfort in times of chaos and confusion.
“I speak about very genuine things and very personal things that I find hard to say,” Skinner explains. “That’s why I write a song about it. I think people relate to that: Sometimes they can’t put things into words, but when they hear a song about it, they can point to that.”
The direct through-line to fans’ emotions is the result of the barrier-free relationship Skinner has created with his audience. Outside of his deeply personal music, Cavetown’s YouTube channel is full of day-in-the-life, behind-the-scenes vignettes – along with covers of his favorite songs and other musical treats – that allow fans to get to know Skinner as more than just a voice filling their earbuds.
And ultimately, their appreciation for this beautifully symbiotic relationship is reflected back in their devotion, as fans around the world have built and nurtured their own underground, grassroots community centered around Cavetown. At sold-out shows around the world with multiple-night residencies in London, Los Angeles, and New York City, fans line up for hours ahead of shows, coordinate homemade art projects, and bring the own kazoos to play along with him. It’s an unbreakable, authentic bond made all the more moving by how organically it’s developed over the years, the result of the Skinner’s tireless and whole-hearted optimism taking roots amongst his listeners.
With a magnetic personality and such universally relatable songs, Skinner is well on his way to expanding that musical family. Cavetown’s 2018 full-length debut, LEMON BOY, has won over listeners far and wide with effortless, bright melodies and economic songwriting on full display. From the looping folk-pop title track (with over 16 million Spotify streams) to the uke-meets-electronica “Fool” and jazzy “888,” it’s an intimate, calming collection that displays a songwriting craft far beyond his years.
His most recent release, ANIMAL KINGDOM, is a digital mixtape series that features new songs, covers and re-imaginings of catalog material each month along with a song from a friend or peer that he’s had a hand in creating.
Next up will be the re-release of one of Cavetown’s most popular songs, “Home.” Originally released in 2015 when Robin was just 15, “This Is Home” has amassed over 20M Spotify streams. The new version, renamed “Home,” showcases Robin’s evolution as a songwriter and producer. He explains, "I like to rerecord older songs that I care about a lot when I think that the production doesn't do it the justice I feel it deserves. This is Home was one that's always been relevant and important to me and since it's one of my most popular songs I decided it was time for an upgrade."

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