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Sin Disease Limited Vinyl LP

by Scaterd Few

Release Date: 21 September 2018

Format: LP Vinyl


£18.99 £11.99

Scaterd Few Sin Disease Limited Vinyl LP

There was an odd music segregation perpetuated by the '70s Jesus movement hippie folk and psychedelic artists that codified into its own music industry. And, perhaps you may have heard of some of those artists that would have crossed over into the mainstream or reached a level of popularity to warrant attention. Under most listeners' radar, there was a connected and extremely small, but vibrant, underground punk scene that existed in dank church basements and local VFW halls inspired by the bands in The Decline of Western Civilization and Our Band Could Be Your Life. Scaterd Few were one of those bands that initially emerged with a cassette demo in 1983. They had a lot of friends in the punk rock scene, many of whom were homeless or squatters, and straddled punk rock and this Christian music culture. These street punks would often draw the rancor from folks responsible for the non-traditional show venues when the band played shows.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Kill The Sarx
2. While Reprobate
3. Beggar
4. Lights Out
5. Later (L.A. 1989)
6. Groovy
7. Glass God (No Freedom In Basing)
8. As The Story Grows

Disc: 2
1. U
2. A Freedom Cry
3. Scapegoat
4. Wonder Why
6. Self
7. Look Into My Side
8. Kill The Sarx II (Apocalypse)