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Simplicity Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 04 November 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: JAWS


JAWS Simplicity Limited Vinyl LP

Following a couple of years spent re-evaluating and recalibrating, Birmingham dream pop prodigies JAWS today spring back into view with the pulsating ‘Right In Front of Me’, signalling the release of Simplicity, their first album since 2014’s Be Slowly. Featuring cornerstones of the band’s previous After nearly being brought crashing down to earth due to the rigours of a non-stop touring cycle, the band, refreshed from a period of down time, set to work meticulously piecing together the bones of a second record in their practice space, a haven away from the monotony of stagnant day jobs. By taking their time constructing their art before airing in a live setting, Simplicity, produced by Gethin Pearson at Vale Studios, serves as a document to existing in the calm before a storm. output, its sub-four minutes display an incandescent fever dream, drenched in reverb yet driving, anthemically, with youthful abandon.

Featured Tracks:
Just a Boy / What We Haven’t Got Yet / Right in Front of Me / 17 / Cast / Interlude / On The Sunshine / Work It Out / In The Morning / A Brief Escape from Life / The Invisible Sleep