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Shut Up Limited Vinyl LP

by Michelle Buteau

Release Date: 02 December 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Comedy Central Records


Michelle Buteau Shut Up Limited Vinyl LP

Did you know the Dutch Santa had a slave? Or that holding in a fart can change your shape, size and race? Michelle Buteau’s debut album, SHUT UP, recorded at Union Hall in Brooklyn, showcases her refreshing and hilarious take on the world that is nothing short of eye-opening. Sharing intimate tales that leave her fans yelling “nooooo” in unison or gasping for air, she commands her audience with pure honesty and affection. The only downside to this album is that you won’t get to properly experience the glory of her ankles.

Featured Tracks:
Side 1
1. I Love New York
2. Utah
3. Sex Slave Kinda Look
4. Gangsta Harry Potter & the Subway
5. Happy Fucking Birthday Kevin
6. The Truth About Marriage
7. White Gold is Forever & Dutch Accents
8. White European People at the Beach

Side 2
1. Fat Beyoncé & Colonialism
2. Holland is Really Old
3. Black Peter
4. Parental Advice & Farting
5. Nicknames
6. Wannabe Gangsta Bitch & First Loves