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Shaped By Fire Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP

by As I Lay Dying

Release Date: 20 September 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast


As I Lay Dying Shaped By Fire Limited Gatefold Vinyl LP


Reborn through pain, like iron shaped by fire. the triumphant return of AS I LAY DYING.

Formed in 2000 San Diego, CA’s As I Lay Dying have released six full length records and become one of the most well known Metalcore bands around the world. The band has sold hundreds of thousands of records and toured around the world including numerous major Festivals. As I Lay Dying has been nominated for Best Metal Performance in 2008 and won Ultimate Metal God at MTV2’s Music Awards in 2007

Over the last five years As I Lay Dying have gone through what few bands would have survived. In 2018 the band self-released the tracks “My Own Grave” and “Redefined”. Both tracks were incredibly well received by fans with the video for “My Own Grave” being viewed over 12 Million times and streamed over 18 Million times.

Seething with metallic vitriol, overflowing with energy, and rich with the kind of melody that irrevocably implants itself in the listener’s mind, ‘Shaped By Fire’ is the sound of a band pushing themselves to outdo everything that has come before.

Featured Tracks: