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Shampoo You Limited Vinyl LP

by Axis:Sova

Release Date: 16 November 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: God?


Axis: Sova Shampoo You Limited Vinyl LP

Featured Tracks:

 It’s Axis: Sova and they’re here to ‘Shampoo You’. These alien sounds have signalled our borders for a few years now; ‘Shampoo You’ is the third Axis: Sova album, following 2015’s ‘Early Surf’ and 2016’s ‘Motor Earth’. With each succession, the Axis sound-shape we recall in our mind’s ear morphs in subtle yet definitive ways, allowing Axis: Sova to take its intended form before us, as different essences coming into clearer view in every listen. Now, with ‘Shampoo You’, the impact is
unprecedentedly direct and connective, the amusement of rockmaking turned thrillingly alive, in the present.
 The natural truth is that Axis: Sova has always been a rock band, even when the ‘band’ was just Sova and his Roland TR66 creating a surging maelstrom of reverberant fuzz, with guitars
foregrounded and wailing at length, while beats distended the depths. Through the years, though, this amorphous thing has grown into a group. ‘Shampoo You’ sounds the arrival of the trio version in trademark Axis style: relentless tempo with distorted, interlocking guitar concussions and vocals that howl of otherworldly mutations. This time, however, they’ve honed in on a sleek transport for their new sounds, with tightly conceived power-punk and classic pop touches creating memorably melodic (and harmonic) contours. This is the groupmind in action - the trio of Tim Kaiser, Jeremy Freeze and head Axis-man Brett Sova, whose new tunes demanded a radical
clarity and got it too.
 The sharpened peaks of the landscape on the ‘Shampoo You’ trip provide fresh pleasures for the listener - as we get into their neck-throttling dysmorphia anthems, we become glammy and physical, moving and transcending beyond our fallible body. Reality becomes a crystalline game to be mastered, as our mind vanishes beyond the fog that’s plagued our existence, the eternal night flashing blindingly into bright day.

Featured Tracks:

1. Terminal Holiday
2. New Disguise
3. Crystal Predictor
4. Dodger
5. Stale Green
6. Shock Recognition
7. Same Person Twice

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