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Shadow of the Colossus Limited Translucent Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set

by Kow Otani

Release Date: 01 June 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Iam8bit


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Kow Otani Shadow of the Colossus Limited Translucent Coloured Vinyl 2LP Set

The view from atop a colossus is nothing short of majestic. A visual feast, sure - but its composer Kow Otani’s score that fully embodies the emotion felt whilst ascending each epic creature. Sweeping, transcendent and awe-inspiring, the music of Shadow of the Colossus makes it clear that our dear hero, Wander, isn’t slaying these mega-beasts as though they are villains, but instead is unlocking ancient magic for the greater good of our world.

At long last, the legendary soundtrack to one of the most adored games in PlayStation history - enhanced with additional orchestral accompaniment AND remastered - is available on vinyl for the FIRST. TIME. EVER!

Featured Tracks:
A1. Prologue -To The Ancient Land
A2. Forbidden Arts
A3. Law
A4. Black Blood
A5. Resurrection
A6. Sign Of The Colossus
A7. Grotesque Figures

B1. Path Opened
B2. End Of The Battle
B3. Collapsing Idol
B4. Verdant Hills
B5. Violent Encounter
B6. Revived Power
B7. Lakeside
B8. Silence
B9. In Awe Of Power
B10. Wander'S Death

C1. End Of The Land
C2. Shadows Creeping
C3. A Herald From Behind
C4. Counterattack
C5. Sky Burial
C6. Sealed City
C7. Guardian Unleashed
C8. Farewell To Despair
C9. Swift Hooves

D1. Warden Of The Ruins
D2. Holy Ground
D3. Ritual'S Conclusion
D4. Pursuers
D5. Augury Of Rebirth
D6. Epilogue -Those Who Remain
D7. Prayer (New Version)
D8. Hope (New Version)
D9. Sun-Blessed Lands