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SECULARIA Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 10 August 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Red House Records



Gilkyson’s music, in the classic folk music tradition, has always offered a vivid reflection of the times we live in. ‘Secularia’, the long-awaited followup to ‘Nocturne Diaries’, is a collection of spiritually charged songs that do not fit within the parameters of traditional religious beliefs, challenging us to embrace a more inclusive perspective, to respect all life and to be accountable for our actions in these divisive times.
The album features a stunning performance with the internationally acclaimed Tosca String Quartet, (David Byrne, Bob Schneider), vocal cameos by Shawn Colvin and gospel singer Sam Butler, and a duet with her friend, the late Jimmy LaFave, as well as two songs adapted from poetry written by her grandmother, Phoebe Hunter Gilkyson, co-written with Eliza’s father, folksinger Terry Gilkyson. Recorded with what she calls a “spare urban folk approach,” the album features songs of grief, gratitude and wonder.
As always, she’s assembled a group of some of Austin’s finest players to back her in the studio: Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson), Warren Hood, Kym Warner (The Green Cards), Andre Moran, Mike Hardwick (Jon Dee Graham, Charlie Sexton), Betty Soo and more.

Featured Tracks:
Side: 1
1. Solitary Singer
2. In The Name Of The Lord
3. Conservation
4. Dreamtime
5. Seculare

Side: 2
1. Reunion
2. Sanctuary
3. Through The Looking Glass
4. Down By The Riverside
5. Instrument