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Secrets Are The Best Stories Limited Vinyl LP

by Kurt Elling

Release Date: 14 April 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Edition Records


Kurt Elling Secrets Are The Best Stories Limited Vinyl LP


Secrets Are The Best Stories is the new album from acclaimed vocalist and Grammy-winning artist Kurt Elling featuring renowned pianist Danilo Pérez. Secrets Are The Best Stories is set to be a career-defining album for Kurt, confirming his trajectory on a new and evolving path of artistic excellence, and further exploring the passion and the messages, political, personal, that inspire him. Here, Elling adds evocative new lyrics to compositions by greats like Pérez’s iconic collaborator Wayne Shorter, late fusion bass genius Jaco Pastorius, and visionary composer/arranger Vince Mendoza, and to pieces from Pérez’s own catalogue. Along with his own compelling narratives, Elling adapts the works of contemporary poets Franz Wright and Robert Bly, the 19th century abolitionist poet Frances E.W. Harper and Nobel-winning author Toni Morrison. Ever since Kurt Elling burst on to the global scene 25 years ago, he has been developing the sound and command of his vocal instrument into one of the most recognisable in the music. A combination of - richness in intent, of soulfulness and of signature expression - define him as an artist. Secrets Are The Best Stories- the new recording from the world’s foremost jazz singer - translates an artistic vision of history, mystery, and storytelling into a musical message both singular and deep.

Featured Tracks:

1. The Fanfold Hawk (for Franz Wright)
2. A Certain Continuum
3. Stays
4. Gratitude (for Robert Bly)
5. Stage I
6. Beloved (for Toni Morrison)
7. Stages II,III
8. Song Of The Rio Grande (for Oscar and Valeria Martinez-Ramirez)
9. Rabo de Nube
10. Esperanto
11. Epîlogo

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