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Sci-Fi Television Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by The Nectars

Release Date: 25 May 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: 7Hz Productions


The Nectars Sci-Fi Television Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

UAP Ltd is very proud to announce the debut album from New Jersey, power-punk alternative rockin’ The Nectars. Conceived in the shadow of New York City late 2016, The Nectars climbed out of the tangled New Jersey suburbs and into the local alternative rock consciousness. Still under a year since inception, they’ve released two singles to much acclaim in both USA, UK and Germany. Their punk inflamed guitars, inventive harmonic motion, trashy beats and raw vocals lay a foundation influenced by EDM, funk and scorching live performance. The approach harks back to the New York punk / pop scene circa late 70’s but displays a modern, cutting edge youthful sound of 2018.

Featured Tracks:
Side A
1. Holy
2. Heaven
3. Cemetery Girl
4. We Will Run

Side B
1. I Want It
2. Don't Panic
3. Lights Off
4. Tame
5. Tired