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Room 41 Limited Gatefold Opaque Red Vinyl LP

by Paul Cauthen

Release Date: 06 September 2019

Format: LP Vinyl



Paul Cauthen Room 41 Limited Gatefold Opaque Red Vinyl LP


Written during a stint spent living out of a suitcase in the artist-haven that is the Belmont, 'Room 41' chronicles Cauthen's white-knuckle journey to the brink and back. The album blends old-school country and gritty soul with '70s funk and stirring gospel with Cauthen's lyrics taking on biblical proportions as they tackle lust and envy, pride and despair, destruction and redemption.

Featured Tracks:

1. Holy Ghost Fire
2. Prayed for Rain
3. Cocaine Country Dancing
4. Slow Down
5. Big Velvet
6. Can't Be Alone
7. Freak
8. Angel
9. Give 'Em Peace
10. Lay Me Down

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