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Revival Limited Vinyl LP

by Light The Torch

Release Date: 03 November 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

£18.99 £11.99

Light The Torch Revival Limited Vinyl LP

The winds of change most definitely fanned the flame for Light The Torch. On their 2018 full-length debut Revival [Nuclear Blast], the Los Angeles, CA trio—Howard Jones [vocals], Francesco Artusato [guitar], and Ryan Wombacher [bass]—drew from five years together as Devil You Know only to forge a wholly distinct path. Amidst myriad struggles, they returned from the brink under a new banner.

The musicians quietly struck the match for Light The Torch during 2017. Without so much as telling either the label or management, they wrote the 12 anthems comprising Revival and recorded them in Los Angeles with the help of Wovenwar and As I Lay Dying bassist and producer Josh Gilbert [Bullet For My Valentine, Suicide Silence] behind the board. Joined by Extinction A.D. drummer Mike “Scuzz” Sciulara behind the kit, the guys put their heads down and really focused on making an album as a whole, placing more emphasis on the songs flowing cohesively from one to the next.
“It was time for a change,” the frontman continues. “It was time for us to try and stretch our wings. We were really going for songs.”.The boys introduce the record with the first single and opener “Die Alone.” Powered by airtight riffing and a hummable lead, the verses immediately engage before the vocalist croons the anthemic refrain: “There’s nothing in the shadows, and you will be the one to die alone.”

Elsewhere, “Calm Before The Storm” builds from a thick guitar groove into an expansive chant. “It’s about trying to be there for those who need you,” Howard explains. “Everybody knows someone who needs a hand getting through tough times. While some may be beyond help, you never know when you can be the hand that makes a difference.” Whether on the robust balladry of “The Great Divide” or the pensive vulnerability of “The Safety of Disbelief,” melody takes center stage, driving one anthem after another.

“It was a long road to get here,” reveals the singer. “We reworked everything. Once we started this, things snowballed. It was like, ‘Wow, we can breathe again.’ Revival felt like the appropriate name.”
Ultimately, Light The Torch ignites the future for not only its members but metal at large.

Featured Tracks:
Side A:
1. Die Alone
2. The God I Deserve
3. Calm Before The Storm
4. Raise The Dead
5. The Safety Of Disbelief
6. Virus

Side B:
1. The Great Divide
2. The Bitter End
3. Lost In The Fire
4. The Sound Of Violence
5. Pull My Heart Out
6. Judas Convention

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