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Resolution Limited Vinyl LP

by Penetration

Release Date: 09 October 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



Penetration Resolution Limited Vinyl LP

Penetration release their long awaited (36 years) third album "Resolution" on October 9th 2015. The project was supported by fans through a successful Pledge Music campaign launched at the beginning of the year. Original members Pauline Murray (vocals), Robert Blamire (bass ) Steve Wallace and Paul Harvey (guitarists since the band reformed in 2002) are joined by John Maher (Buzzcocks, Invisible Girls) on drums. Whilst retaining key elements from their past, the band have produced an album that takes their sound into the future. Original guitarist Fred Purser has been involved in the recording and mixing process with Robert Blamire producing. The twelve tracks on the album are all strong songs with thoughtful lyrics and interesting twists and turns. The sleeve was designed by Vaughan Oliver (v23 4AD) Whilst being an integral part of the punk/new wave movement in the late 1970's, Penetration were always unique and the new album "Resolution" continues that tradition.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Instumantra
2. Betrayed!
3. Just Drifting
4. Guilty
5. Two Places (Dos Lugares)
6. Aguila

Disc: 2
1. Beat Goes On
2. Makes No Sense
3. The Feeling
4. Sea Song
5. Calm Before the Storm
6. Outromistra

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