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Rejoice! I'm Dead! Limited Gatefold 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 16 September 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl



Gong Rejoice! I'm Dead! Limited Gatefold 180gram Heavyweight Vinyl 2LP Set

The enduring legend that is Gong - multi-national, multi dimensional psychedelic combo return with a new studio album featuring guests Steve Hillage and Didier Malherbe. "Inspired by the light, love and passing of our dear friend and inspiration Daevid Allen"- Dave Sturt. Gong have entered yet another new phase on their four-decades plus journey with 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!', their brand new studio album, due for release on Madfish on 16th September 2016. This is the follow up to 2014's 'I See You' the last album Daevid Allen was to record with Gong. Some say it couldn't, or shouldn't, be done. How could Gong exist without Daevid Allen? A few minutes into listening to their brand new album aspersions will be cast aside. New members and old coalesce. This is undeniably Gong. 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!' is classified as the band's 28th album and the Gong legacy is the strongest it has been since 1974. Every member was key in the development of each new song - Kavus Torabi (vocals/guitar) formerly of The Cardiacs who joined Gong in 2014 in time for the last album unaware of the direction his new gig as a guitar player would take, Fabio Golfetti (guitar/vocals), Dave Sturt (bass/vocals), Ian East (sax/flute) and Cheb Nettles (Drum) take on the mantle of steering the Teapot further into outer space and the inner ear. The voice of Daevid Allen features on 2 songs "Model Village" and "Beatrix"; and the album also features guests - Steve Hillage adding a guitar line on "Rejoice!" and Didier Malherbe's duduk can be heard on "Model Village" and "Through Restless Seas I Come". 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!' was recorded in London in the spring of 2016 at Brixton Hill Studios, engineered by Nick Howiantz andGong; mixed by Mark Cawthra (Infallible Ear) and Dave Sturt (Swimming Head). The band will soon announce touring plans for Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017 in support of their new release. Madfish will release 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!' as a 9 track double LP on 180g heavyweight vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with enclosed MP3 download code

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. The Thing That Should Be ( 03:34 ) - Gong
2. Rejoice ! ( 10:17 ) - Gong
3. Kapital ( 03:21 ) - Gong

Disc: 2
1. Model Village ( 06:43 )
2. Beatrix ( 02:54 )
3. Visions ( 04:29 )

Disc: 3
1. The Unspeakable Stands Revealed ( 11:49 )

Disc: 4
1. Through Restless Seas I Come ( 06:58 )
2. Insert Yr Own Prophecy ( 09:36 )

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