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Redemptionís Son Limited 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set + Download

by Joseph Arthur

Release Date: 23 June 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl



Joseph Arthur Redemptionís Son Limited 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set + Download

It's 15 years since we first released Redemption's Son on CD, Joseph's third album for Real World. To mark the occasion, we're making it available for the first time on Double LP. Consistently inspired, occasionally frazzled, and often startlingly beautiful, its rich textures, vulnerability and acute, poetic lyrics are guaranteed to raise goose bumps. The download will include previously unreleased material: Morning Star, is a collection of Redemption's Son era songs that have been selectively preserved in a time capsule waiting for the perfect time. "We decided to turn these tracks into their own album," Arthur explains. "It's a great feeling when the past burps up a gift. Things forgotten and submerged by the vortex of time which reveals its illusions through a process such as this. First listens of old things are a lot like taking the wrapping paper off a giftÖ." "Redemption's Son" will also be reissued on CD as a new 15th Anniversary Edition with 2 CDs, the second containing the "Morning Star" tracks.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Redemptions Son
2. Honey and the Moon
3. You Could Be in Jail
4. I Would Rather Hide
5. Innocent World
6. September Baby
7. Nation of Slaves
8. Evidence
9. Buy a Bag
10. Termite Song
11. Permission
12. Favourite Girl
13. You Are the Dark
14. In the Night
15. Blue Lips
16. You've Been Loved

Disc: 2
1. Ghost
2. Downtown
3. Pictures of a Life
4. Forgive Your Heart
5. Afraid to Feel
6. Cracking Heart
7. Secret Ghost
8. Cinderella Under Glass
9. Morning Star