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Red Sky Limited Vinyl LP

by Moon Hooch

Release Date: 02 September 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Moon Hooch Red Sky Limited Vinyl LP

Over the past several years, Moon Hooch has successfully transitioned their heart-pounding, impromptu subway platform raves from New York City''s underground to the main stages of music festivals and rock clubs worldwide. Having performed for tens of thousands of sweaty, raucous fans and seeing their first 2 albums regularly sit atop the Billboard Heatseekers Chart, Moon Hooch is ready to share their third album, Red Sky, with the world. Calling their sound € Cave Music €"like house music, but more primal," Moon Hooch is a riveting combination of EDM, indie rock, hip-hop and modern jazz. Originally using just two tenor saxophones and a drummer, the Brooklyn-based band, all in their mid-20s, have expanded to include a vast array of instruments, such as contrabass clarinet, bass sax, tubax (Google "Moon Hooch" + "Tubax"!), EWI (Google this too!), baritone sax, soprano sax, flute, a Moog Sub 37, tablas, and even vocals. Now imagine all of these sounds fed through a system of programmed Ableton effects and blasted back through a PA turned up to 11. That''s Cave Music!

Featured Tracks:
1. Red Sky
2. Thatâ™;s What They Say
3. Sunken Ship
4. Low 5
5. Psychotubes
6. On the Sun
7. Booty House
8. Shot
9. Something Else
10. Rough Sex
11. The Thought
12. Alien Invasion
13. Broken Tooth