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Red Earth & Pouring Rain Limited Vinyl LP

by Bear's Den

Release Date: 22 July 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Communion/Caroline


Bearís Den Red Earth & Pouring Rain Limited Vinyl LP

Red Earth & Pouring Rain was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales with the bandís long term producer Ian Grimble, in sessions following a six week European and UK tour that had culminated in an ecstatically received sold-out show at The Roundhouse last October. This capped a yearís campaigning for Islands that saw the group take their evocative, passionate music to audiences across the UK, Europe, America, Canada and Australia and rack up legions of fans in the process.

Following the amicable departure of guitarist Joey Haynes, Bearís Den now comprises a six piece touring unit built around a nucleus of singer-guitarist Andrew Davie and multi-instrumentalist Kev Jones. And itís how all of their experiences Ė personal and as a band, both the ups and the downs Ė have affected them that informs their extraordinary second album.
Inspired by - among other things - the paintings of Edward Hopper, the novels of Raymond Carver and film director Robert Altmanís Short Cuts - Red Earth & Pouring Rain is both erudite and intensely personal, defying trends and easy labelling.
Musically, it also sees a startling progression. Because while the bandís folk roots are still evident, they now come cloaked in the lush alchemy of Ď70ís and Ď80ís FM rock: Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and in particular, the nocturnal ambience of Bruce Springsteenís Darkness On The Edge Of Town. More contemporary influence, meanwhile, comes from artists including The National and Sufjan Stevens.
Brutally honest, brilliantly realised and spiritually uplifting, Red Earth & Pouring Rain is a masterful album from a band confident enough leave their past in the rear view mirror.

Featured Tracks:
1. Red Earth & Pouring Rain
2. Emeralds
3. Dew On The Vine
4. Roses On A Breeze
5. New Jerusalem
6. Love Can't Stand Alone
7. Auld Wives
8. Greenwoods Bethlehem
9. Broken Parable
10. Fortress
11. Gabriel
12. Napoleon

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