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RAVE ON ANDY WHITE Limited Gatefold White 180gram Vinyl LP


Release Date: 26 October 2018

Format: LP Vinyl



ANDY WHITE RAVE ON ANDY WHITE Limited Gatefold White 180gram Vinyl LP


Sometimes moments arrive when a album just make that special significant impression on people. One those was the release of Rave on Andy White. Heralded at the time as a masterpiece not only reflecting the troubled times in Ireland at the time but also Andys compelling storytelling. Pressed on 180g WHITE vinyl, the album is packaged in a newly designed gatefold sleeve and inner bag, to do this re-issue the justice it deserves. Below is the text from the original 'London Records' Press Release from the enigmatic Eugene Manzi. These really celebrate the albums release perfectly. "Andy White, Belfast born and Belfast bred, first picked up a guitar when he was thirteen. It was blocking up the hallway. He started strumming it in a beatnik basement belonging to a big bastard called Bobby. Born in 1962, White heralded the year of the big snow. They say that in the month of May there was skating on the Liffey and Lager. Andy is driven to cheap cigarettes, and a passion for potatoes and a 1969 Beetle. He tours with a guitar and a off-key harmonica. Influenced by Jimmy Joyce, Pope Pious XXIV and others from the great Celtic tradition of story tellers, he records all of his music in Randalstown and finds political leaders and cut price sneakers a drag. He's see the Battleship Potemkin more times than his mum has seen the Sound Of Music. Andy went to Cambridge to check out the Bridge over the River Cam but he was press ganged into Robinson College where he spent three years munching though old book shops. Meanwhile back in Ireland, dave Robinson was recording an album with Shergar when a local bookie tipped him off. A day later Robinson has his hands on a cassette of four White songs. On the first day of winter 1985 Stiff released the vinyl classic ' Religious Persuasion' still played at LA Weddings. Fuelled by a desire to see his records in the shops and his bank managers insistence on regular royalty payments. White signed with winner of The Andy White Handicap, London Records, who will release the single ' Reality Row' on September 19th. The White album ' Rave on Andy White, will follow on October 10th. Both feature White and his translator/arranger Rod mcVey and drummer Brendan McGarrity from one of Ireland premier groups, Susan McCann and The Storytellers. Yer man's currently re-arranging the countryside between shows"

Featured Tracks:

Side: 1
1. The Soldier's Sash
2. Vision Of You
3. Reality Row
4. I Will Wait
5. Things Start To Unwind

Side: 2
1. Religious Persuasion
2. Tuesday Apocalypse #13
3. Rembrandt Hat
4. The Walking Wounded
5. The Big Rain

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