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Profit Limited 180gram Vinyl LP + Download


Release Date: 27 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Music Theories


THE JELLY JAM Profit Limited 180gram Vinyl LP + Download

Music Theories Recordings release The Jelly Jamís fourth full-length album Profit. The Jelly Jam is a three-piece rock band, consisting of Ty Tabor of Kingís X on guitar, keyboards, and vocals; Rod Morgenstein of The Dixie Dregs and Winger on drums and keyboards; and John Myung of Dream Theater on bass, moog, and chapman stick. What was a kind of outlet for creative surplus and started under the name Platypus a few years ago, has now established itself in the form a solid community. After the release of two records and after the leaving of keyboarder Derek Sherinian, the remaining Platypus protagonists Ty Tabor, John Myung and Rod Morgenstein sought new challenges under the banner of The Jelly Jam. In 2002 their self-named debut album came out; two years later, the successor 2 was delivered to the shops and in 2011 the band released their third album Shall We Descend. Their upcoming album, Profit, will be the bandís first all-out concept album with the basic story written around the idea that we, the people of Earth have abused and exhausted the planetís resources forcing mankind to either find a new home or face extinction.

Featured Tracks:
1. Care
2. Stain On The Sun
3. Water
4. Stop
5. Perfect Lines (Flyin')
6. Mr. Man
7. Memphis
8. Ghost Town
9. Heaven
10. Permanent Hold
11. Fallen
12. Strong Belief