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PHOX Limited Green Clear 140gram Vinyl LP + Download Card


Release Date: 01 September 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Fat Possum / Hi Records


PHOX Self Titled Limited Green Clear 140gram Vinyl LP + Download Card

∑ Itís a rare thrill nowadays, when listening to the opening few bars of a track, to hear a voice that slices its way through such a riot of colour and effortlessly holds your attention. The smoky jazz vocals from PHOXís Monica Martin provide a heavy, sultry coating to the glittering pop background that slides into clarinet interludes.
∑ PHOX were born in Baraboo, where six unlikely musicians kindled their creative streaks, almost as a family. Itís with the bare, stripped back harmonies and subtle melancholy of the lyrics that show PHOX have created something totally enchanting and unique, captivating from the first listen and bringing a live audience to a mesmerised standstill.
∑ LP is pressed on 140g coke bottle green clear vinyl and featuring a digital download card which also includes the two CD bonus tracks.

Featured Tracks:
1. Calico Man
2. Leisure
3. Slow Motion
4. 1936
5. Evil
6. Laura
7. Kingfisher
8. Shrinking Violets
9. Satyr and the Fawn
10. Noble Heart
11. Raspberry Seed
12. In Due Time