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OUT OF CHAOS Limited Vinyl LP + CD


Release Date: 25 March 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Republic Of Music



Dieter Meier, the voice of Yello, is releasing his first solo album!

The 12-track longplayer sounds like a magical sound-alchemy made of Chanson, Electro and Dub. Realised with various musicians and producers including Thomas Wydler (drummer in Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds), Nackt (producer for Mute recording artist Apparat), Ben Lauber (producer, synthesizer), Ephrem Lüchinger (piano), Tobias Preisig (violine), Nicolas Rüttimann (guitar), and electropunk pioneer & producer T.Raumschmiere aka Marco Haas! The most exciting stories that happen to us are the ones that life itself seems to write the script to. You just need to put your hands onto them. If there's an expert on this matter, then it is certainly Swiss artist Dieter Meier, who now, at almost 69 years of age, is releasing his first solo album.

Be it performance art, his work with YELLO, or his winery: Dieter Meier dislikes the routine, which we ordinarily call day-to-day-life. To him it's spelled in capital letters: DAY-TO-DAY-LIFE. An instigation! He embraces challenge. Consistently, his solo debut is called "OUT OF CHAOS", a reference to chaos itself; to the possibility that, at least theoretically, everything is achievable anytime. On the other hand: the concept of chaos is probably nothing but a daring hypothesis in itself. Over the course of the last years, Dieter Meier's now ready to be released songs have undergone interesting transformations. One could say: They grew in time - and out of time. Meier has taken them on to his journeys and adventures, in constant change, out of the darkness and into the brightness of the spotlights: It all started on a reading tour accompanying the film "Touch Yello" - when Dieter Meier, inspired by his long term Berlin friend and colleague Marcus Herold, brought along a handful of newly written songs and performed them with Jazz-violinist Tobias Preisig and guitarist Nicolas Rüttimann. Meier, who (apart from two exceptions in London and New York) never performed live with YELLO at all, soon fancied the live situation and went on writing new pieces. Herold called Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds- drummer Thomas Wydler, pianist Ephrem Lüchinger joined up, and shortly after, newer versions of OUT OF CHAOS songs found their way to the stage, such as the well reputed Montreux Festival and the Volksbühne, Berlin.

In summer 2013, Meier eventually found an open minded, experimental producer trio in Berlin: Nackt (Warren Suicide, Apparat Band et al.), Ben Lauber (Apparat Band et al.), and electro pioneer T.Raumschmiere, all of them big fans of Meier's work, teamed up with the first generation Out-Of- Chaos-band at Chez Chérie Studios in Neukölln to arrange, re-arrange, discuss, discard, research, jam
and eventually record in a series of sessions which are now an album. What a chaos! OUT OF CHAOS! The result is a grand record starring Dieter Meier, standing at the bar of his life and musing about the rivers of time. Sometimes his songs sound like electro-acoustic Yello tracks ("Lazy Night", "Paradise Game", "Jimmy"), sometimes like a tender ex-lovers-Blues from under the sea ("Loveblind", "Annabelle"), sometimes you’d find a post-punk nerve ("Fat Fly", "Buffoon") or an ode to a befriended artist, who wrestles through life as a night porter (“Night porter”). At any time, "OUT OF CHAOS" sounds like a magical sound-alchemy made of Chanson, Electro, and Dub. And like any other stage Dieter Meier walked onto before, be it as an artist of all genres, be it as the singer/songwriter of OUT OF CHAOS, he remains a discoverer sui generis, who invents himself and a new world.

Featured Tracks:
1. Lazy Night
2. Paradise Game
3. Busy Going Nowhere
4. Night Porter
5. Loveblind
6. The Ritual
7. Another Day
8. Jimmy
9. Buffoon
10. Fat Fly
11. Annabelle
12. Schueffele