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On The Never Never Limited Vinyl LP

by Laura J Martin

Release Date: 11 March 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Laura J Martin On The Never Never Limited Vinyl LP

'On The Never Never', Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Laura J Martin's third studio album, tells of the disconnect she felt when returning home to Liverpool to find that all individuality had been erased and replaced by gleaming empty flats. A chance conversation with Lambchop's Matt Swanson and Tony Crow proved fruitful and they planted the seeds of an idea in Martin's head that "recording in Nashville and working with Mark Nevers was a real possibility". Swanson and Crow join the all-star band for 'On The Never Never' alongside Silver Jews' Brian Kotzur on drums and The Jesus Lizard's Duane Denison reviving Fame-era Jimmy Johnson on electric guitar. Shot through with wit and humour alongside the sociopolitical themes - one of the characters talks of bleaching toilets and taking trips to Lanzarote - 'On The Never Never' skips through waltz timings, bears influences from Scott Walker to the Compass Point Allstars and picks up a guest vocal from Benjamin Zephaniah along the way. With 'On The Never Never', Martin has produced a hopeful record, full of joy, beauty and tongue in cheek looks at those in charge.

Featured Tracks:
Everything You Know / Do It / I Can't Bear To Feel Myself Forgotten / A Deliberate Man / That's The Way / On The Never Never / Green Grey Grim / It's A Stumper / My Landing Place / Nowhere Else