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Ole World Harm Limited Vinyl LP

by Worthwhile

Release Date: 09 October 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Hopeless Records


Worthwhile Ole World Harm Limited Vinyl LP

∑ Worthwhile return with their sophomore album and Hopeless Records debut.
∑ ĎOld World Harmí is filled with the bandís passionfilled
melodic hardcore thatís sure to become the new anthems for their ever-growing fanbase.
∑ For fans of Hundredth, Counterparts, Capsize.

Featured Tracks:
Side A:
1. Relentless
2. A Fool's Paradise
3. Journal Of A Mad Scientist
4. October Of '29
5. A Name, Two Dates, And A Phrase
6. Lazy Lullaby

Side B:
1. No Man's Land
2. A Requiem For The Sons Of Harmony
3. Hollow Son
4. To My Mother
5. To My Little One, Someday