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O Terceiro Olho Da Abelha Limited Vinyl LP

by Zelia Fonseca

Release Date: 19 August 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



Zelia Fonseca O Terceiro Olho Da Abelha Limited Vinyl LP

Due to her virtuosic guitar playing, her sense for original ballads and warm singing voice, each of Zélia Fonseca's new songs catches the listener's ear quickly. The sound mixture is innovative, unmistakable and convincing. Among the fine musicians involved are multi-instrumentalist Marcio Tubino (Gismonti, Zawinul), drummer lady Angela Frontera (Airto Moreira, Lou Bega), guitarist Kosho (Xavier Naidoo). Fearless and daring Zelia's playfulness lead her to the most different, successful projects with Jazz, World right up to recordings with Shantel (Considerando) or with the irish House/Techno DJ Ian Pooley (Coraçăo Tambor). Her music has even entered into the world of Pina Bausch Rosanna Tavares and Zélia Fonseca had been good friends since 1973. Using musical elements from Brazil as well as other traditions, their jazzy pop songs received rave reviews and a helping hand from such as Dino Saluzzi (bandoneon) and Howard Levy (harmonica)., They toured through Europe, Canada and Asia and shared the stage with Compay Segundo, John Mclaughlin, George Benson, Djavan, Joe Zawinul, Maria Joăo, and many more. But the story of Rosanna & Zélia ended much too soon: In October 2006 Rosanna Tavares died after a long fight against cancer. "Rosanna's death was a very heavy experience", says Zélia Fonseca, "yet creative energies came out of it in order to continue our work that both of us had loved so much. I never wanted to stop making music or composing.

Featured Tracks:
1. Fora Da Rede
2. Coracao Abelha
3. No Ar
4. Danca Mamangava
5. Castelo De Areia
6. Amoramento
7. Trilha Do Mel
8. Baile Do Desassossego
9. Choro Do Impasse
10. Nocolo Do Rio