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Nocturnal Masquerade Limited Vinyl LP

by Toothgrinder

Release Date: 12 February 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Spinefarm Records


Toothgrinder Nocturnal Masquerade Limited Vinyl LP

Heavy music can be like a painting in the right hands. When executed correctly, splashes of ethereal soundscapes color technical, tight, and taut brutality, yielding a portrait thatís as aggressive as it is alive. In keeping with that approach, it might seem like Toothgrinderís paintbrush is literally on fire after just one listen to their full-length Spinefarm Records debut, Nocturnal Masquerade. The delicate balance of guttural guitar gnashing, polyrhythmic stop-start percussion, and the most delightful vocal schizophrenia this side of the Mississippi fuels this midnight waltz. Itís an amalgam the group has unlocked over the past few years beginning with a string of independent demos, their Schizophrenic Jubilee EP, and tours supporting the likes of Periphery, The Faceless, After The Burial, The Contortionist, and more. However, in April 2015, they honed and focused this attack, spending an uninterrupted month in a Maryland studio with producer Taylor Larson [Darkest Hour, Capture The Crown, Periphery], creating what would become Nocturnal Masquerade.

Featured Tracks:
1. The House (That Fear Built)
2. Lace & Anchor
3. Coueur d'Alene
4. I Lie in Rain
5. Blue
6. The Hour Angle
7. Dance of Damsels
8. Diamonds for Gold
9. Nocturnal Masquerade
10. Dejection/Despondency
11. Schizophrenic Jubilee
12. Waltz of Madmen

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