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No Wives Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl LP + Download

by Falling Stacks

Release Date: 08 June 2015

Format: LP Vinyl



Falling Stacks No Wives Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl LP + Download

Debut album from Bristol (UK) noise rock behemoth Falling Stacks, cramming 10 manic songs into just over 30 minutes! Limited edition of 300 yellow vinyl with reverse card outer sleeve & download coupon. If you were cutting your teeth on the hard edge of Big Black, the lunacy of the Jesus Lizand and the agit-groove of Fugazi then there is a place in your blackened heart for Falling Stacks / Louder Than War Dark and wickedly disjointed / Beat Surrender A fascinating introduction to one of the best punk bands to emerge from the UK / Elusive Little Comments Loud, obnoxious, creepy and pummelling. With sounds like this it's no wonder those stacks are falling, this is designed for total destruction / The Sound Of Confusion

Featured Tracks:
1. Pool Party
2. Dust Motes
3. Sections And Sub-Sections
4. No Stops
5. Los Ticos
6. A Fly Would Slide
7. Seven Cuts
8. Silverware
9. Double Scull
10. New Dog