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New Start Again Limited Vinyl LP

by Dick Diver

Release Date: 05 February 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Chapter Music


Dick Diver New Start Again Limited Vinyl LP

New Start Again, the debut album by Melbourne foursome DickDiver, is warm and understated. It's an intriguing combination of widescreenAustralian sweep, 70s New York edge and 90s indie-rockscratch that transcends its influences to become truly honest.The respectively wry and poetic songwriting of guitarists RupertEdwards and Alistair McKay lobs Dick Diver up alongside Go-Betweens heroes Forster & McLennan, while their often epic fretworkbears echoes of Television and Yo La Tengo.

Featured Tracks:
Through the D / Hammock Days / New Start Again / Seagulls / Keno / Flying Teatowel Blues / Interstate Forever / On The Bank / Future Self II / Head Back